How I Got Started
In 2003 I began embarking on my photographic odyssey.  I wanted to be an artist and photos were the most nature medium for me.  

I never had any formal education in photography.  I mentored several professionals, took numerous workshops, read many books and burned a lot of film (and memory).

I aspired to ingest as much knowledge and experience as I could tolerate. 

I have always been passionately attracted to the world outside my window.  From a young age I was in the woods. I would even use old cameras to snap a picture of what I saw – even though I generally never had film in them.

In my experience as a photographer and artist life happens in the subtle moments – waiting for us to see and appreciate them.  I believe that is what I offer as an artist. 

Frozen  -  the beautifully subtle moments of life. 
What I Have Gained
Photography for me is a lesson in seeing.  Walking around, seeing the world through a 1 x 1.5 inch box I became more aware how I see the world.  How I frame a scene in that box - changes what I see.  I believe life is matter perspective.  

This discipline is also a lesson in communication. It is one thing for me to challenge what I see but yet another to communicate my perspective.  My compositions are an exercise in expressing myself simply and clearly. 

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